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Crib Notes on Local Government

Regional and local governments in the Capital Region have taken some hard knocks in the past few years, primarily on issues of spending, project management or transparency.  The increase in public angst and criticism seems to be a common part of the political landscape these days.  As a private citizen now engaged differently with my community and local government, a different vantage point brings new observations and insights and rekindles other long held beliefs. As a former three-term Municipal Councillor,…

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The Art of Possibility

“Standard and social business practices are built on certain assumptions — shared understandings that have evolved from older beliefs and conditions.  And while circumstances may have changed since the start of these practices, their continued use tends to reconfirm the old beliefs.  For this reason, our daily practices feel right and true to us, regardless of whether they have evolved to keep up with the pace of change.  In just such a way, a business culture arises and perpetuates itself,…

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