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What it takes to run What does it take to run for public office?  I am often asked this question and have put together what I think are some key factors in making such a decision.  My perspective is based on years of experience working on the campaigns of others, on my own municipal campaigns and serving as a Councillor, beginning with my first run for a Council seat in 2002 in North Saanich. Everyone who makes the decision to…

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Celebrating Ten Years

I was a real skeptic about the use of social media ten years ago, until my son, computer whiz and techno enthusiast, helped me out on my 2005 municipal election campaign.  He told me in no uncertain terms that I “had to get with the program.”  The “program” he was talking about was social media.  “Mother,” (he always calls me “mother” when he’s trying to make a point) “you love to write and communicate so why not take your passion…

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