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Going, Going, Gone…

I am re-posting this article because in the last few weeks, I have had many Oak Bay residents talk to me about their concerns at the rate of small house demolitions occurring in Oak Bay.  Even a well known mortgage broker friend of ours raised this issue in a conversation this week.   “Have you driven around the Uplands lately?” she asked.  “It’s unbelievable.”  Yes, the number of demolitions of smaller and older homes is worrying, threatening green space and accessible…

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Easing the Squeeze – Housing Affordability

A recurring theme across our region is lack of housing affordability     Media reports, the Victoria Foundation’s annual Vital Signs Report and story after story on homelessness and poverty all point to one undeniable reality — Greater Victoria’s housing is expensive, pushes up the overall cost of living and creates real barriers, not just for those on lower incomes or living in poverty, but also for younger families, middle income earners, students, those planning to retire and the retired….

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