I am also pleased to share the key elements of my Campaign Platform with you, as follows:

Local governments work best when both residents and Council engage and communicate with one another.  Oak Bay's strength lies in the talents of its people, the diversity of its neighbourhoods and its natural beauty.

I care deeply about our community and know that our future depends on effective local government that actively seeks public input, is proactive, plans ahead and has a clear vision for the way forward.  Working TOGETHER, we can address Oak Bay's key challenges through:

  • timely information-sharing & transparent decision-making;
  • land use planning to support housing options, sound development practices & consistent neighbourhood consultation;
  • financial planning and savings strategies to maintain public buildings & roads, sidewalks, sewers, water & drainage;
  • environmental protection for urban forests, foreshore & marine habitats, parks & green space; and,
  • robust heritage conservation.

Questions or comments?  Please contact me through this website or give me a call at 250-896-5412.  Thank you!