First, THANK YOU to the voters and residents of Oak Bay for your support in this election and for taking a sign, making a donation or walking with me during the campaign. The privilege to serve my community is never taken for granted and I feel an enormous responsibility to tackle the work with gusto, … Read more Here is the link to the last All Candidates’ Meeting, hosted by the Community Association of Oak Bay and moderated by Dr. Michael Prince on Friday night, October 7, 2022. This was the last opportunity for voters to see candidates in action. These meetings can be crucial to voters’ final decision-making about the people … Read more

    This year’s municipal and regional government elections in some places are truly a challenge for voters. Slates, multiple candidates and a myriad of signs and slogans make the choice for voters a difficult task. Many residents are asking “Whom do we vote for?” One of the best ways to learn about candidates is … Read more

The 3 Elements of Trust by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman Ben Welsh/Getty Images Summary.   As a leader, you want the people in your organization to trust you. And with good reason. In our coaching with leaders, we often see that trust is a leading indicator of whether others evaluate them positively or negatively. But how … Read more

Did you know that Oak Bay has four village centres within its boundaries? Oak Bay Avenue is the largest village, commonly referred to as “the Village.” But residents and visitors have three other villages to visit and enjoy, each with their own vibrancy and small local businesses that are a boon to our local economy. … Read more

My thanks to the two Oak Bay organizations, ReconciliACTION Oak Bay and the North Oak Bay Community Association, that hosted All Candidates’ Meetings in September. These meetings are important to supporting healthy local democracy and integral to encouraging community dialogue. The goal is to inform voters, for residents to inform candidates and to provide opportunities … Read more

Please do your homework and research, contact the candidates if you have other questions and don’t hesitate to make your thoughts known to candidates. The better informed you are, the better informed your vote will be. Thanks to Black Press for all of their coverage. Meet Your Candidates: What’s important to Oak Bay candidates?   … Read more

Today, September 30, 2022 is National Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada, a Day to acknowledge the pain, trauma and inter-generational suffering by Indigenous children, families and communities, a result of colonization and specifically, the human ravages of the residential school system. To acknowledge this significant Day, I had the honour of attending two … Read more

  A group of councillors and candidates from municipalities across the province met on Sunday, September 25, 2022, to discuss issues related to development-industry donations for campaigns. Read in Global News: This has been a concern for many years, directly related to municipalities and their major role in land use decisions. While the province … Read more

There is a lot of buzz currently about the 2022 municipal elections in the Capital Region, highlighting emerging slates and their candidates. Does this suggest a trend toward party politics, slates or block voting at the local level? Local media have done a good job of keeping voters across the region informed about candidates and … Read more

97DEEA81-1DAF-4EDA-898E-9539B6A6FBD1 Kudos and thanks to Grade 4/5 teacher Ms. Leah Edgley, for requesting a short video from each of the Oak Bay Council candidates running in the current municipal election. I understand that the video will be used to engage and inform five classes of Willows’ students. Ms. Edgley took the time to contact each … Read more

    As my re-election campaign hums along, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken a sign, made a donation or stopped to chat with me while walking through our villages. I am gratified at the support and encouragement I am receiving and it means a great deal. Election … Read more