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After a hectic municipal election campaign that wound up on October 20, 2018, election day, Oak Bay voters elected a new Mayor and Council.  I was gratified to be among the seven candidates elected and am deeply grateful to Oak Bay voters for their support, awarding me over 3,800 votes and giving me the privilege to serve Oak Bay Council and the community again. Oak Bay made wise choices and elected a group of candidates who, as Councillors, are ready…

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Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council

Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council Oak Bay Heritage Commission chair and former councillor Cairine Green announced today that she will seek a seat on Oak Bay Council in the October 2018 municipal election. “Oak Bay’s strength lies in the talents of its people and the diversity of its neighbourhoods and natural beauty. I care about our community and know that its future depends on effective local government that actively seeks public input, is proactive, and that plans ahead…

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Housing Affordability in Oak Bay A two-part public forum on housing affordability in Oak Bay, sponsored by the Community Association of Oak Bay, brought packed audiences to both sessions held February 24 and March 3, 2018 at Windsor Park.  The following summary is based on my notes and observations of presentations and one of the small group discussions in which I participated. The Context: (based on a presentation by Kay Melliship, Executive Director of the Victoria Housing Society) With a…

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Engaged – Crib Notes on Local Government

After I published my first blog article in late June 2016 titled “Crib Notes on Local Government,” readers asked for a sequel explaining just how the public can get involved and engaged with their local municipal council and government.   While this may not be gripping material that keeps readers awake at night, it might be helpful to those who want to take a more active role in their community.  Please note that my point of reference for this article…

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Oak Bay Homes Going South (click on this title)

The attached link to the British newspaper, the Guardian, and it’s article on Oak Bay housing, resonates across our region. Thanks to reporter,  Ashifa Kassam for her coverage and interest in this blog website and my articles on housing.  You can read the entire Guardian article here: Guardian newspaper article on Oak Bay homes going to Washington State.


The first Oak Bay Heritage lecture for 2016.  Please mark your calendar and bring a friend or neighbour to hear Oak Bay’s very own Archivist extraordinaire, Jean Sparks. When:  February 17, 2016 at 7:00 PM Where:  Windsor Park Pavilion Refreshments will be served and donations at the door are always welcome.    

The Clive Re-Visited

Invited by owner and developer Ms. Nicole Roberts, I had the pleasure of touring the new Clive apartment building and I was not disappointed.  Ms. Roberts was true to her word — the Clive exceeds the first level of LEED standard for a green and energy-efficient building and is an asset to Oak Bay as the first building of its kind in our community.  The Clive also scores another first, the first time in over 40 years that new rental…

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Oak Bay Housing Going South

This week, our local CBC radio show “On the Island,” with host Gregor Craigie, did an interview with a community leader who works for the San Juan Island Housing Trust in Washington State.   The Trust is committed to providing affordable and attainable housing by creating a neighbourhood of recycled homes that come from other communities. Always interested in hearing about new and innovative ideas for accessible housing, my ears really perked up when the guest described three recent additions…

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Oak Bay Emergency Program Presents

Neighbours Helping Neighbours Build a Disaster-Resistant Community May 3 to May 9 is Emergency Preparedness Week in British Columbia. As part of that week, the Oak Bay Emergency Program (OBEP) will be holding a FREE information session: May 5 – 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Windsor Pavilion, 2451 Windsor Road in Oak Bay This interactive session will provide residents with detailed information on how to identify the risks, to be prepared to be self-sufficient for a minimum of seven days…

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Today’s local and regional governments are dealing with diverse issues and challenges that are more complex than ever before, often rousing the interests and passions of residents.  Local government is now much less about managing “sewers, sidewalks and streetlights,” and much more about addressing the social, economic and environmental health of its residents and communities.  As a result of higher levels of government stepping away and devolving greater responsibility to local governments, there is also need for greater community engagement,…

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