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“The Future of Journalism in the Age of Fake News”

Excerpts and my observations from the Southam Guest Lecture Panel: UVic’s Harry Hickman Theatre was spilling over with an audience anxious to hear the November 7, 2017 Harvey Stevenson Southam Guest Lecture panel discussion on “The Future of Journalism in the Age of Fake News.”  Moderated by author and UVic Writing Department Chair David Leach, panel members are all recipients of Southam Guest Lectureships, are all writers/journalists in print or broadcast journalism and each has a unique perspective on the…

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If you love reading the Oak Bay News and other Black Press publications such as TWEED Magazine, please join “the News” for an afternoon of meeting and greeting other readers and supporters.  Double click on the image to enlarge it.  Hoping to see you there.

Cafe Victoria – CFAX1070

Cafe Victoria with Bruce Williams Imagine my surprise and delight when CFAX and Bruce Williams, host, got in touch with me last week and asked if I would participate in their Friday show, ‘Free For All’ – Cafe Victoria.  It’s a bit of a political pundit panel format, where local guests weigh in on local issues and other newsworthy topics.  I had fun and enjoyed the fast-moving conversation.  Such topics as marijuana dispensing in Victoria, regional policing and the recent…

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A Hand Written Letter – A Fading Art?

When was the last time that you sat down, picked up your favourite pen and took the time to hand write a letter to someone?  In this new age of instant communication, mass media and the electronic device, is letter writing becoming a lost art?   I was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, to find in a lobby upstairs, a table where a museum volunteer encouraged visitors to sit and compose a…

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