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Spring Blooms in the Capital Region

As crocuses and daffodils start poking up their heads in many gardens around the Capital Region, some big local, regional and provincial issues are blooming right along with them.  Homelessness, amalgamation, the housing crunch and sewage create a bouquet of challenges for local politicians and communities.  While no one promised elected officials a rose garden in the 2014 municipal election, the challenges facing them are thorny nevertheless. Homelessness is an issue that tests public tolerance and acceptance, despite worthy efforts…

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Tackling Tough Issues

“You have a problem if regional sustainability is not a priority for this area!”    So said former BC Premier Mike Harcourt during his keynote address at the second Greater Victoria Greatest Conversation event this week.  This was the second installment to the first event held in February, and I was curious to learn more about what residents from other CRD communities are talking about when it comes to local issues related to a provincial study on amalgamation.  I was…

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Managing Risk — My Overview of Local and Regional Government to 2018

As new and returning Mayors, Councillors and Regional Directors across the Capital Regional District (CRD) sign on to a four-year term, many will be welcoming opportunities for positive change, new ideas and improvements that make a difference to their communities.       After all, local government is about what’s possible, what’s new and what initiatives and projects will matter most to local residents.  However, just over three weeks into the new term, I sense the wider landscape is beginning to…

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