There is a lot of buzz currently about the 2022 municipal elections in the Capital Region, highlighting emerging slates and their candidates. Does this suggest a trend toward party politics, slates or block voting at the local level? Local media have done a good job of keeping voters across the region informed about candidates and … Read more

Oak Bay has always enjoyed a high level of voter participation for local municipal elections, with a consistent voter turn-out of well over a 55%. But have the last two and a half years of the pandemic and COVID taken a toll on public engagement? Will apathy overshadow voter participation and turn-out? I hope not. … Read more

After I published my first blog article in late June 2016 titled “Crib Notes on Local Government,” readers asked for a sequel explaining just how the public can get involved and engaged with their local municipal council and government.   While this may not be gripping material that keeps readers awake at night, it might … Read more

In the last six months, some of the most interesting and complete investigative journalism into local and regional government has occurred in Focus Magazine by editors Leslie Campbell and David Broadland and on-air with journalist and reporter Ian Jessop of  CFAX 1070 Radio. SAANICH The ongoing situation in Saanich, reflected by an apparent disconnect between … Read more

The March 30, 2015 release of BC’s Privacy Commissioner’s investigative report into the Spyware debacle in Saanich produced a stunning rebuke of IT policy and practices at Saanich Municipal Hall.  The results of this investigation vindicate Mayor Richard Atwell on this issue and raise serious concerns about what appears to be a major knowledge and policy … Read more