RE-ELECT CAIRINE GREEN For Oak Bay Council COMMITTED HARD WORKING EXPERIENCED “Strong local government should be a working partnership with the community it serves.” (Cairine Green, B.A., M.Ed.) A community is strong when its members are connected and included. While the past two years have tested our strength as a community and our ability to … Read more

If you would like an election sign, please email If you would like to make a donation to my campaign, please email Patricia Wilson is my Financial Agent. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

All Candidates’ Meetings are a key part of our democratic system. Thank you to the all the people and organizations that take the time to organize and promote these important forums, ahead of the next municipal election on October 15, 2022. As a candidate in this election, I look forward to these opportunities to connect … Read more

Oak Bay has always enjoyed a high level of voter participation for local municipal elections, with a consistent voter turn-out of well over a 55%. But have the last two and a half years of the pandemic and COVID taken a toll on public engagement? Will apathy overshadow voter participation and turn-out? I hope not. … Read more

After giving it much serious thought and consideration, I am pleased to let you know that I will be running for re-election, for a Council seat in Oak Bay on October 15, 2022. My decision follows from the encouragement and support expressed by many wonderful people and I am grateful to them. The past term … Read more

What does it take to run for public office? I am often asked this question and have put together what I think are some key factors in making such a decision. My perspective is based on years of experience working on the campaigns of others, on my own municipal campaigns and serving as a Councillor, … Read more

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last months of this four-year term, one of the most challenging I can recall. The pandemic was the primary factor and hollowed out the term when it came to public engagement, person-to-person interaction and community events. Council and staff found themselves moving to the online world … Read more

The current “housing shortage” in Greater Victoria continues to be a hot topic for all levels of government. In Oak Bay, for example, Mayor and Council want a housing plan and have already completed studies on housing needs and are completing public engagement on infill housing and nearing completion on secondary suites. This work has … Read more

After a hectic municipal election campaign that wound up on October 20, 2018, election day, Oak Bay voters elected a new Mayor and Council.  I was gratified to be among the seven candidates elected and am deeply grateful to Oak Bay voters for their support, awarding me over 3,800 votes and giving me the privilege … Read more

Oak Bay Election 2018 CAIRINE’S COMMITMENTS Issue #4 Increases in housing prices and decreases in affordability have posed tough housing challenges here and across the region in recent years.  With Oak Bay’s land values at an all time high, housing demolitions of older, smaller character homes more commonplace, a real estate market driving an average … Read more

  Oak Bay Election 2018 CAIRINE’S COMMITMENTS                                                                                                 … Read more

Oak Bay Election 2018 CAIRINE’S COMMITMENTS                                                                                                   … Read more