Kudos and thanks to Grade 4/5 teacher Ms. Leah Edgley, for requesting a short video from each of the Oak Bay Council candidates running in the current municipal election. I understand that the video will be used to engage and inform five classes of Willows’ students.

Ms. Edgley took the time to contact each of us requesting a maximum two minute video, using the following format:

  • Explain why I’m running.
  • Tell us why I think municipal government is important.
  • What are the main stances or hot topics I am running my platform on (i.e. what are my objectives or goals if elected in Oak Bay).

This was a tall order, to compress campaign information into two short minutes, because we all know politicians love to talk. But here is my video that speaks to the students at Willows Elementary School, the youngest constituents with whom I have had the pleasure to connect. I hope that they will appreciate and relate to the information I shared.