After giving it much serious thought and consideration, I am pleased to let you know that I will be running for re-election, for a Council seat in Oak Bay on October 15, 2022. My decision follows from the encouragement and support expressed by many wonderful people and I am grateful to them.

The past term has unfolded much more like a two-year term, given the disruption of the pandemic and the lingering effects of COVID on people and communities. “A term interrupted” is the best way I can describe it to you. As a result, I am running again to attend to unfinished business.

We need to move forward on more inclusive and diverse housing initiatives; to address the very real impacts of climate change; to continue work on environmental protection of our natural and green spaces; to support adequate funding to sustain and enhance core municipal services; to move ahead to build meaningful relationships and working partnerships with Indigenous communities in the spirit of Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation; and, above all, to restore community engagement and public involvement in local government, to achieve better transparency and accountability.

For me, the public voice in local government has been a huge loss during more than half of this term, despite alternative efforts to bring the public into decision-making. Electronic platforms and online surveys do not easily substitute for direct, in-person and interpersonal group interaction with residents. I have missed that contact and look forward to a renewed sense of public engagement should I be fortunate and privileged to be re-elected.

Communities inspire local government and I have been inspired by the people of Oak Bay who serve local organizations as volunteers, small businesses who contribute to our local economy, municipal staff who work on our behalf and countless many others who contribute to our sense of place and belonging and to our quality of life overall. Oak Bay has demonstrated its resilience through an unprecedented time and I hope I will have the privilege to serve this community again as a Councillor who is committed, hard working and experienced.

Nominated by:

DIANA BUTLER, B.A. (Honours), M.Sc.(Urban and Regional Planning) and former Oak Bay Mayor and Councillor, 1986 to 1996.

“Cairine’s values reflect our community values. She has consistently demonstrated a careful, thoughtful approach to the issues confronting our municipality. She has been a strong proponent of community engagement. For these reasons I am pleased to nominate her for another term on Oak Bay Council — we need her.”

HEATHER LUND, Accountant and Oak Bay Volunteer.

“I have nominated Cairine for Oak Bay Council because she is extremely community-minded and has demonstrated this as an Oak Bay Councillor. Cairine cares about the issues affecting Oak Bay residents and believes in open and transparent local government, and in keeping residents informed and up to date.”