Oak Bay Election 2018

CAIRINE’S COMMITMENTS                                                                                                                                                                       Issue #3


Blending the Past with the Future


Oak Bay boasts beautiful and historic neighbourhoods that provide our community with a sense of identity, continuity and unique character.

Oak Bay’s history and heritage are reflected in our landscapes, homes and neighbourhoods, beginning with Indigenous settlements by the Lekwungen peoples, through to late 19th century, pre- and post-war, to mid-century 20th century housing.  These all reflect the activities and lives of early communities, groups and families, leaving landmarks that continue to influence our community today.

Keeping these legacies alive is the focus of Oak Bay volunteers and staff who play a vital role in heritage conservation through our municipal Archives, the Heritage Commission and the Heritage Foundation.  They and many property owners do the heavy lifting on behalf of the community, to make sure Oak Bay’s significant buildings and homes, green spaces and landmarks are protected and preserved.

Community surveys of recent years demonstrate that heritage conservation in Oak Bay is strongly supported and that residents want to see more robust initiatives to support heritage conservation, protection and enhancement.

If elected, I will work for:

  • greater Council support for the work of the citizen-led Oak Bay Heritage Commission, ensuring that a “heritage lens” is applied to Oak Bay’s urban forest strategy and Official Community Plan housing framework and, that where appropriate, the Heritage Commission provides formal comments as part of the neighbourhood consultation process.


  • adoption of policy to use Heritage Conservation Areas as effective planning tools for land use, consistent with Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan, to protect and enhance community heritage values in established neighbourhoods.


  • updating and expanding the Community Heritage Register (inventory of registered and designated properties) in consultation with the Oak Bay Heritage Commission and planning staff.


  • closer collaboration with planning staff to determine where and how the Heritage Commission can have relevant and meaningful input to the work of the Advisory Design Panel and Advisory Planning Commission, and to support the Heritage Commission to provide advice to staff and Council as to how the Heritage Strategic Plan can be fully integrated into the Official Community Plan and land use planning generally.


  • adoption of Oak Bay’s neighbourhood-led initiative for the first Heritage Conservation Area in Oak Bay, the Prospect Heritage Conservation Area, a planning tool designed to protect significant neighbourhood heritage and historical homes and landscapes.

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