Housing Affordability in Oak Bay

Oak Bay Election 2018


Issue #4

Increases in housing prices and decreases in affordability have posed tough housing challenges here and across the region in recent years.  With Oak Bay’s land values at an all time high, housing demolitions of older, smaller character homes more commonplace, a real estate market driving an average home price in Oak Bay of $1million, and an average rent of $1,400 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, it’s no wonder that the issue of housing affordability is a concern, a controversy and a conundrum.

The fact that Oak Bay has not fully implemented the 2014 Official Community Plan (OCP) is compounding these serious issues.  Adopted unanimously, the OCP has a housing framework that isn’t functional because the relevant land use zoning and parking bylaws have never been revised to fit the Plan.  As a result, housing options are limited and Oak Bay housing remains out of reach for many middle income families.

We must do better.

If elected, I will work to:

  • update zoning and parking bylaws to support the OCP’s housing framework and increase housing options for working families and seniors;


  • establish a community forum on housing to identify where Oak Bay residents support duplexes, townhouses, secondary suites, multi-family rental housing, heritage conversions and other housing options;


  • design guidelines for developers of larger housing projects, to ensure that new housing fits into neighbourhoods and includes below market pricing for more affordable housing; and,


  • explore new partnerships with other levels of government and non-profit housing organizations that will, in consultation with the community and its neighbourhoods, determine how we can improve housing affordability, including the possibility of a public land trust.

NOTE:  If you would like to make a campaign donation or to host a coffee party, please contact me at oakbay@cairinegreen.ca  Many thanks!