Monthly Archives: August 2018

On the Campaign Trail 2018

I hit the campaign trail today with my sister (official photographer) to attend the Bowker Creek Brush-Up, an annual favourite of mine and such a wonderful event that showcases the immense talent of our local artists and their work.  I enjoyed bumping into friends Daphne Goode (formerly of Shaw Cable), Victor Lotto, popular local Oak Bay artist, Diana and Michael Butler (Diana was a former Oak Bay Mayor) and other candidates Esther Paterson and Andrew Stinson. The weather was perfect,…

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Urban deer in Oak Bay, 2018 As a candidate for Oak Bay Council, I have been asked for my position on deer management in Oak Bay. I support the current program in place, first adopted by Oak Bay Council in late 2016, a three-way partnership between Oak Bay municipality, the non-profit Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society (UWSS) and the Province.  The partnership provides cost shared funding from the Province to research and test a non-lethal, evidence and science based method of…

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