Monthly Archives: May 2018

Comments to Oak Bay Council on Saving a Heritage Home

MY COMMENTS TO OAK BAY COUNCIL May 28, 2018     First, I would like to acknowledge, with thanks, planner Deborah Jensen for her continued assistance to the Commission on this application and for her report and recommendation.  At its regular meeting on May 8, 2018, the Oak Bay Heritage Commission considered a demolition application for 599 Island Road, an iconic Francis Rattenbury/Samuel Maclure stone mansion built in 1909 and site of the original Jones’ family estate.   After careful deliberation…

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Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council

Green Announces Run for Oak Bay Council Oak Bay Heritage Commission chair and former councillor Cairine Green announced today that she will seek a seat on Oak Bay Council in the October 2018 municipal election. “Oak Bay’s strength lies in the talents of its people and the diversity of its neighbourhoods and natural beauty. I care about our community and know that its future depends on effective local government that actively seeks public input, is proactive, and that plans ahead…

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