New Leadership “Across the Board”

With a new year, the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board welcomes a new Board Chair, Mayor Barb Desjardins of Esquimalt.


In addition to Mayor Desjardins’ election, one that suggests a desire for positive change and new direction, newly appointed Chairs/Vice-Chairs of Standing and Select Committees also take their seats.  These appointments involve careful thought and consideration by the Board Chair, and require the ability to recognize other politicians sitting at the table for their talents, skills and political experience.  It’s a challenging job to achieve the right balance at the committee level, to be sure that final appointments are broadly representative, fair and equitable.

Here then is the 2016 line-up of new CRD Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Standing and Select Committees:

  • CRD Board – Chair Mayor Barb Desjardins (Esquimalt), Vice-Chair Director Dave Howe (Area Director)
  • CRD Hospital Board – Chair Director Dave Howe, Acting Chair Mayor Barb Desjardins
  • Committee of the Whole – Chair Mayor Barb Desjardins, Vice-Chair Director Dave Howe
  • Core Area Liquid Wast Management Committee – Chair Mayor Lisa Helps (Victoria), Vice-Chair Mayor Richard Atwell (Saanich)
  • Electoral Area Services Committee – Chair Director Mike Hicks (Area Director), Vice-Chair Director Wayne McIntyre (Area Director), Director Dave Howe
  • Environmental Services Committee – Chair Councillor Vic Derman (Saanich), Vice-Chair Mayor Ryan Windsor (Central Saanich)
  • Finance Committee – Chair Director Dave Howe, Vice-Chair Mayor Ken Williams (Highlands)
  • Governance Committee – Chair Mayor John Ranns (Metchosin), Vice-Chair Councillor Marianne Alto (Victoria)
  • Planning, Transportation & Protective Services Committee – Chair Mayor Alice Finall (North Saanich), Vice-Chair Mayor Carol Hamilton (Colwood)
  • Regional Parks Committee – Chair Director Mike Hicks, Vice-Chair Mayor David Screech (View Royal)
  • Transportation Select Committee – Chair Councillor Susan Brice (Saanich), Vice-Chair Councillor Rick Kasper (Sooke)
  • Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee – Co-Chair Mayor Barb Desjardins and Co-Chair Mayor Carol Hamilton
  • Eastside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee – Chair Mayor Lisa Helps, Vice-Chair Councillor Vic Derman
  • Special Task Force on First Nations Engagement – Chair Councillor Marianne Alto
  • Integrated Waste management Task Force (reporting out by February 2016) – Mayor Richard Atwell, Councillor Vic Derman, Mayor Alice Finall, Mayor Carol Hamilton, Mayor Lisa Helps, Councillor Colin Plant (Saanich), Mayor John Ranns, Mayor Ken Williams, Councillor Geoff Young (Victoria)
  • Arts Committee – Chair Councillor Colin Plant (Saanich)
  • Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications (CREST) – Shareholders:  Directors Mike Hicks, Wayne McIntyre, Dave Howe
  • Capital Region Housing Corporation Board – Directors:  Mayor Lisa Helps, Director Dave Howe, Councillor Colin Plant, Mayor David Screech

The following Committee members are appointed by the CRD Board Chair and/or the Board:

  • Emergency Management Committee:  Directors Mike Hicks, Dave Howe and Wayne McIntyre, CRD Chief Administrative Officer Bob Lapham, General Manager Finance and Technology Diana Lokken, General Manager Planning and Protective Services Kevin Lorette, General Manager Parks and Environmental Services Larisa Hutcheson, General Manager Integrated Water Services Ted Robbins and Senior Manager Protective Services Shawn Carby
  • Ferry Advisory Committees:  Directors Wayne McIntyre and Dave Howe
  • Greater Coalition to End Homelessness:  Directors Councillor Marianne Alto, Mayor Lisa Helps, Director Wayne McIntyre, Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe (Victoria) and Alternate Councillor Vicki Sanders (Saanich)
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Board:  Member Rep Mayor David Screech, Board Nominee Mayor Nils Jensen
  • Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA):  Board Rep Mayor Alice Finall, Alternate Mayor John Ranns (others represent City of Colwood, City of Victoria, District of Central Saanich, District of Metchosin, District of North Saanich, District of Oak Bay, Greater Victoria Public Library Board, Oak Bay Police Board, Royal McPherson Theatre, Town of Sidney, Township of Esquimalt, Victoria Police Board, West Shore Parks and Recreation
  • Gulf Islands National Park Reserve Advisory Board:  Director Dave Howe, Alternate Paul LeBlond
  • Island Corridor Foundation:  Member Rep Mayor Barb Desjardins, Nominee Councillor Ben Isitt (Victoria)
  • Municipal Finance Authority:  Representative Director Dave Howe, Alternate Mayor Barb Desjardins, Representative Mayor Ken Williams, Alternate Mayor Richard Atwell
  • Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission (RHTF):  District of Central Saanich, Township of Esquimalt, District of Highlands, District of Metchosin, District of North Saanich, District of Oak Bay, District of Saanich, Town of Sidney, District of Sooke, City of Victoria, Town of View Royal, Salt Spring Electoral Area, Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area
  • Regional Representative to the Treaty Table:  Representative Councillor Marianne Alto, Alternate Councillor Ben Isitt
  • Royal McPherson Theatre Society:  District of Oak Bay, Municipality of Saanich, City of Victoria
  • Traffic Safety Commission:  Rep Councillor Colin Plant, Alternate Councillor Ben Isitt
  • Vancouver Island Regional Library Board (VIRL):  Rep Director Mike Hicks, Alternate Wally Vowles

There are comprehensive lists of regionally elected Councillors and Regional Directors appointed to the Juan de Fuca Water Distribution, Regional Water Supply, Saanich Peninsula Water and Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Commissions, with any changes and/or full details available on the CRD Website at:

Please note that all CRD Board meetings and many other Committee meetings are open to the public (with the exception of in-camera meetings) and available to view live online through the CRD Website.  Please visit the CRD Website for more information.