Cafe Victoria – CFAX1070

Cafe Victoria with Bruce Williams

Imagine my surprise and delight when CFAX and Bruce Williams, host, got in touch with me last week and asked if I would participate in their Friday show, ‘Free For All’ – Cafe Victoria. 

It’s a bit of a political pundit panel format, where local guests weigh in on local issues and other newsworthy topics.  I had fun and enjoyed the fast-moving conversation.  Such topics as marijuana dispensing in Victoria, regional policing and the recent Alberta election and its implications for the upcoming federal election in October, among others, kept it moving.  It takes practice to adjust to the show’s pace and the format but bouncing ideas and comments off others is always a great way to learn.

Other guests were Katie de Rosa, Times Colonist reporter and Ryan Price, News Director at CFAX.  I’m posting the podcast link below “for your listening pleasure” and I’ve been asked to participate in 4 or 5 future shows over the course of the year.  My thanks to CFAX and Bruce Williams for inviting me on air and I look forward to another round of “Free for All.”

Podcast link to CFAX1070 ‘Cafe Victoria’ with host Bruce Williams. The show begins about the 16:00 minute mark: