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Seniors’ Advocate Puts Housing First

“Seniors’ Housing:  Affordability, Accessibility, Availability…We Can Do Better” puts the issue squarely at the forefront in this recently released report by B.C.’s Seniors’ Advocate Ms. Isobel Mackenzie.       Stating that she is “building on my commitment to evidence-based decision-making,” Ms. Mackenzie undertook research and gathered data from all over the Province that focused on income levels, rental housing and home ownership for seniors.  Her conclusion was unequivocal when she states “I found that for low and moderate [incomes]…

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Setting Our “Sites” on Sewage

Since the last municipal election in November 2014, a lot has changed in the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) ongoing debate about sewage treatment.  It appears that a definite shift has occurred as a result of a political shift in leadership around the CRD Board table.  New Mayors have brought new vision about how best to treat our waste-water and recover its by-products.  Two groups have formed, the Westside group of Colwood, Langford, Songhees and View Royal and the Eastside group…

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Cafe Victoria – CFAX1070

Cafe Victoria with Bruce Williams Imagine my surprise and delight when CFAX and Bruce Williams, host, got in touch with me last week and asked if I would participate in their Friday show, ‘Free For All’ – Cafe Victoria.  It’s a bit of a political pundit panel format, where local guests weigh in on local issues and other newsworthy topics.  I had fun and enjoyed the fast-moving conversation.  Such topics as marijuana dispensing in Victoria, regional policing and the recent…

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