Wishing you and yours a very Happy Canada Day.  I will be attending a number of events as Acting Mayor and I hope to see you along the way.

September 9, 2014 at 6:00 PM, Monterey Centre, 1442 Monterey Avenue I encourage you to attend and participate in this Public Hearing.  Your voice in this process is vital to the future of our community.  I look forward to seeing you there on September 9th!  

Deer Management Program Up In the Air We learned from the Mayor last night during “Mayor’s Remarks” that Oak Bay’s plan related to deer management and a possible cull are looking uncertain.  Available clover traps were vandalized and are no longer available, the Province has indicated that it will not consider cost sharing nor can … Read more

Please note the following summer meeting schedule for Council and Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings, commencing on July 1, 2014: July 14, COW meeting, Council Chambers, 7:00 PM July 21, Council meeting, Council Chambers, 7:30 PM August 11, COW meeting, Council Chambers, 7:00 PM August 18, Council meeting, Council Chambers, 7:30 PM

Please visit the Municipal website to view the third draft of the Official Community Plan.  The document will be on the June 23rd Council agenda for consideration and for first and second reading.

Special Council Meeting At a Special Council Meeting held an hour before the Committee of the Whole Meeting, Council completed its deliberations and voted on five edits to the second OCP draft, put forward by Councillor Kevin Murdoch at the June 9th Council Meeting.  Councillor Murdoch’s submissions followed a comprehensive presentation by consultant Catherine Berris.  … Read more

A special Council meeting begins tonight at 6:00 PM in Council Chambers, related to the draft Official Community Plan, when Council will consider five edits prepared and submitted by Councillor Murdoch, with input from municipal staff, the consultant Catherine Berris and Council colleagues, related to sections on Vision, Goals, Active Transportation and Multi-Residential Permit Areas.  … Read more

The Official Community Plan (OCP) draft moved to the next stage after a marathon session at Monday night’s Council meeting, ending at midnight.  I voted with Council (it was unanimous) to move the document ahead after Catherine Berris, consultant, made a comprehensive presentation to Council, followed by questions and a discussion at the Council table. … Read more

Another couple of busy weeks have flown by and an opportunity to sit down quietly and write this blog is long overdue.  The last week of May was whirlwind as you know by my last posting and the first week of June has been similar. The turn-out for the volunteer recognition events was rewarding and … Read more