January 14th Council Meeting Highlights

Highlights of January 28th Council Meeting

  • CRD Regional Transportation Plan

Representatives working on development of the CRD’s Regional Transportation Plan made a presentation to Council highlighting elements of the Plan that will have an impact on how we move people in and around the region.  The Plan examines five major areas:

  • Integration of land use and transportation.
  • Creation of exceptional environments for walking and cycling.
  • Taking transit to the next level.
  • Getting the most out of our roads and trails.
  • Influencing travel behaviour.

The Plan addresses partnerships and collaboration, funding, expanded transportation authority, integration and work of an ongoing Transportation Advisory Committee.  Planning and the work of a regional Transportation Advisory Committee involve the CRD, BC’s Ministry of Transportation, BC Transit, municipalities and electoral areas.  The Plan is comprehensive and forward-looking.  My only question was how the work of Oak Bay’s Advisory Committee on Transportation (ATAC) will be included in a regional planning model and I was assured by the CRD representative and by Council Liaison to ATAC, Michelle Kirby, that ATAC’s work is already reflected in the CRD Plan.  Stay tuned…

  • Local Iconic Events Approved

The Oak Bay Tea Party and the Jaguar Club both received approval to once again host their popular summer events.  The Tea Party runs from June 6 – 8 and the Jaguar Show at Windsor Park is on July 26.  Both events draw big crowds to Oak Bay and benefit local charities and our local economy.  Mark your calendars.

  • Motion Passes Unanimously

My motion to endorse the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) housing campaign, “Fixing the Housing Crunch,” that calls on the Federal government to create and implement a national housing strategy to address the needs for accessible and affordable housing in Canada, passed unanimously.  Victoria City Councillor Chris Coleman, active on FCM, attended our meeting to demonstrate support for the motion.  Other municipalities in BC and across the country have passed similar motions and I was pleased that Oak Bay Council also supported this initiative.

  • Heritage Commission Chair’s Annual Report Received

The outgoing Chair of Oak Bay’s Heritage Commission, Pat Wilson, submitted her 2013 annual report that highlights the Commission’s work on heritage planning, Council referrals and community outreach, lectures, art in Chambers, walking tours, training and other work related to heritage registration, designation and celebratory events.

Pat has done a remarkable job as Commission Chair and her commitment, dedication and advocacy on behalf of Oak Bay Heritage are admirable.  She has set the bar high for successive Commission Chairs and her leadership will be missed.  But Pat is not going far and will remain as a Commission member and continue her work in community outreach and public education.  THANK YOU PAT, for all of your hard work and for ensuring that the Commission kept its eye on the ball.

Welcome to incoming Chair Bronwyn Taylor who will take up the reins and continue the important work of heritage conservation and planning in Oak Bay.