Survey Results Indicate Community’s Desire for Change

Initial findings from the Official Community Plan Renewal community survey questionnaire were released by consultant Catherine Berris, during two presentations (one to the OCP Advisory Committee (OPAC) at 5:00 and one to the December 16th Council Meeting later that evening).

Highlights include:

  • A participation rate of nearly 33% of Oak Bay households, described as “precedent-setting” by the consultant, in her 30 years’ of experience conducting this type of survey.
  • 2,650 residents responded.
  • Four areas were identified for survey purposes:  South, Central, West and the Uplands, and it appears that despite per centage differences, statistics show that each area was fairly represented.
  • Close to 78% of participants expressed desire for the new Official Community Plan to address issues such as housing for seniors, heritage and regulated secondary suites.
  • A sample of other results show that residents favour multi-family housing options, such as living units above commercial businesses, and suppport more housing options for seniors, young families and those with disabilities.
  • Residents want updated policies for home-based businesses, more neighbourhood commercial establishments and more bed and breakfast options.
  • Residents want enhanced protection and management of Oak Bay’s shoreline.
  • Residents support expanded community facilities for older adults, seniors and people with disabilities.

The full survey presentation is now posted on the Municipal website so please visit for more survey information and detail.

I am encouraged by these results and commend our community for its overwhelming and enthusiastic response to the survey questionnaire.  Two community Open Houses are scheduled for February 8, 2014, when residents can learn more about the survey and what Oak Bay wants for its future and for a renewed Official Community Plan.

Thank you for participating!