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Oak Bay Fire Dept. Members Honoured

Oak Bay Fire Department members Assistant Chief Darren Hughes, Lt. Gord Marshall and Lt. Jon Popham, received formal honour at this week’s Council meeting when they were awarded Federal Exemplary Service Medals to recognize their outstanding contributions to their profession and to their community.  We are indeed fortunate to call these three members our own Oak Bay firefighters.  The occasion was marked by attendance at a brief ceremony of family, friends and other firefighters, where Deputy Chief Tom Pearce made…

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Swing in Oak Bay at the Rec Centre — Mark Your Calendars!

Please support the Recreation Centre and plan to attend their first live music event, in the upper lounge of the Centre, on Monday, October 7 at 7:30 PM .  Step out for some fun right here in Oak Bay and swing to the band. For details, please visit the Oak Bay Rec Centre website at

Updated Highlights on Last Week’s Meetings

Special Committee of the Whole Meeting of September 25 Related to the build of the new Oak Bay High School, the largest capital works project in Oak Bay, a special Committee of the Whole meeting heard a strong presentation from the municipality’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC), input from the Oak Bay Parks and Recreation Commission and a received a report from Oak Bay’s Director of Engineering Services, on suggested transportation needs for the project.  Representatives from the Greater Victoria…

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September 23 Committee of the Whole Highlights

More Bicycle Parking in the Village? I voted to support further consultation with OB’s Business Improvement Association on a Parks and Recreation Commission’s meeting minutes’ item, suggesting expanded bike parking in the Oak Bay Ave. Village core.  Vehicle parking in and around the village has been previously identified as challenging by the business community so consultation with the BIA was recommended as an important part of the process.  The Mayor and other Council members also discussed the potential to use…

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Civic Engagement is Key

One of the hot topics at UBCM this year showcases the use of social media as a key communications tool to changing the relationship between civic officials and citizens.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other forms of communication are important forums used to stay connected to the public and to the community. I learned about the importance of public communication, citizen engagement and social media over seven years ago when my son, an IT specialist, encouraged me to set up a…

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Housing Options in Oak Bay — My Take

Discussion: As you know, there is a lot of debate at the community level these days about housing in Oak Bay, much of it recently focused on the Clive Drive redevelopment proposal.  I want to provide you with some of my insights into the project, and hopefully address any misunderstanding or misinformation about my current position on the issue.  Let me make my position clear — I remain sensitive to the concerns expressed by those who are opposed to this…

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Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) 2013

AT A GLANCE I thought that you might want to know what will be happening at the annual UBCM Convention this year in Vancouver.  Oak Bay’s Mayor and majority of Council members are attending, however, I will not be attending and will be holding the fort as Acting Mayor. UBCM conventions are a good investment in local government and Council members from all over BC gather to listen, to learn and to share.  There are opportunities for networking with colleagues…

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Highlights of September 9 Council Meeting

(Looking from our Edinburgh flat on the Royal Mile out to the New Town) Before I write about this week’s Council meeting, I want to share with you some observations during our summer holiday in Iceland, Scotland and England. The Blend of Old and New – Traveling is always a great learning experience for me and our trip this summer was no exception.  This holiday provided many examples of interesting transitions between the past and the present, from urban to…

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Once again, Oak Bay Heritage is proud to present another workshop as part of their community lecture series, this time on the history of our beautiful Oak Bay gardens.  This session should have broad appeal so I suggest you get there early to get a seat — Oak Bay is well known for its community of avid gardeners. Remember, to help OB Heritage continue their great lecture series and other educational initiatives, donations are gratefully accepted at the door.  


Fall is here and the Council calendar is filling up.  Here are some dates to remember: September 9, a Council meeting starting at 7:30 PM in Chambers.  The Clive re-development proposal will be on the agenda, an item that is generating a lot of community response, some supportive and some not.  I encourage you to look beyond some of the apparent misinformation that is circulating about this project and get the facts by visiting the Municipal website and/or talking to…

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