A Block Party on the Street Where You Live – July 2013

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Summer in Oak Bay is the perfect time for neighbourhoods to get together for a block party.  I am a big fan of block parties because of the great opportunity they provide to get to know your neighbours and to simply bring people together to celebrate where we live.  There are dozens of block parties throughout Oak Bay in the late spring and summer months.

For the second year in a row, I was pleased to be invited to the Rosario Street block party.  I have a special relationship with Rosario residents — it’s the street on which we temporarily lived in 2010 while looking for a house to buy in the area so my husband and I got to know everyone.  Rosario is a short street so neighbours from Transit and St. Patrick are also invited to join the in the block party fun.

My thanks to all the residents in the area and to the Rosario St. organizers for a great afternoon.

A Big Thank You too to Oak Bay Police and Oak Bay Fire members for taking the time to attend and entertain the kids by giving tours of the squad car and the fire engine.  Oak Bay police and fire are always a big hit with kids (and I suspect some adults too!)

It was a pleasure to join in the fun, including the cherry pit spitting contest!!  By the way, Oak Bay Fire won the contest handily.