May 27 Council Meeting Highlights

  • Welcome!A Window to the Region's Future
  • The Mayor congratulated the Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OPAC) and Chair Councilor Pam Copley for a successful community Open House on Saturday, May 25 at Windsor Park Pavilion.
  • The Mayor reminded all of us about the Oak Bay Tea Party June 1st and 2nd.  The parade kicks off at 10:30 a.m. and I will be among other Council members judging parade entries.  The Tea Party brings so many people to the Avenue and to Willows and is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to have some fun.  See you there.
  • I voted with Council to approve a variety of requests for block party road closures celebrating the July 1st long weekend.  I believe these neighbourhood block parties are a true demonstration of how we, as a community, celebrate our neighbourhoods and our sense of belonging.  I am always happy to support these events, great opportunities that bring people together.
  • Heritage Plan Approved — I was pleased to approve in principle, with Council, the new Heritage Plan that was presented to the meeting by the Heritage Commission.  A year in the making, the process was coordinated by a sub-committee of the Commission, chaired by local architect and Commission member Carl Peterson, and consultants Donald Luxton and Stuart Stark guided extensive community input.  The Plan sets out a number of goals and actions identified through feedback from Oak Bay residents:  Conserve Established Streetscapes and Neighbourhoods; Conserve Historic Buildings and Structures; Conserve Cultural Landscape Features; Conserve Natural Landscape Features and Ecological Heritage; and, Celebrate Oak Bay’s Unique History.  As Council Liaison to Oak Bay Heritage, I am grateful to Commission members and municipal staff who were dedicated to this process, one that was groundbreaking because of its focus on what the community truly values about our local heritage.  The next phase of the Plan will involve integration with the OCP renewal and strategies to implement this substantial and important body of work.
  • OCP Renewal Update — Interim CAO Gary Nason provided an update on the OCP renewal process currently underway (more about this in a later post), focusing his remarks on reporting processes, the community survey discussion (the survey will be conducted starting in mid-September to mid November) and the amended project charter from the consultant Catherine Berris.  Staff oversight for this project is much appreciated and I want to congratulate them and our OPAC volunteers for their continued hard work.  Stay tuned for further updates.
  • Next Regular Meeting – June 10, Committee of the Whole, 7:00 PM, Council Chambers
  • Special Council Meeting – June 12, 7:30 PM, Council Chambers – Presentation from the CRD on its Deer Management Plan (options for municipalities to address the deer problem)

DON’T FORGET THE OAK BAY TEA PARTY THIS WEEKEND, JUNE 1 and 2 – Parade begins at 10:30.