• Parks and Recreation Early Capital Approval Request

I voted with Council to support a request from the Director for an early capital expenditure, to install a pool vacuum replacement, new turnstiles at the Recreation Centre entrance and a prep table cooler.  These capital improvements will enhance recreational services at the Rec Centre, address public health and safety at the pool and enable staff to better monitor public use of the facility.

  • OB Business Improvement Association (BIA) Budget and Activity Summaries

I voted with Council to approve the BIA’s budget submission, as well as to endorse the many initiatives and activities that the BIA develops and promotes on Oak Bay Ave.  With a membership of 90 businesses in the catchment area that encompasses Foul Bay Rd. to businesses just beyond Monterey Ave., the BIA organizes and sponsors a variety of community events such as:

  • Giant Sidewalk Sale
  • Oak Bay Village Night Market
  • Pumpkin Art on the Avenue
  • Trick or Treat on the Avenue
  • Christmas Festival
  • REMAX Camosun’s Easter event

This year, a partnership with Oak Bay Kiwanis will be formalized and establish Kiwanis as the BIA’s official charitable partner.  The BIA also supports a community partnership model with REMAX Camosun that involves a number of local businesses in spearheading events.  We recognize that the BIA’s many contributions to the community and to the promotion and support of local businesses remains invaluable to supporting our quality of life in Oak Bay.

  • Interim CAO’s Follow-Up Report on the Bowker Flood

I voted with Council to receive a follow up report on the Bowker Flood and subsequent corrective recommendations, submitted to Council for our review.  The report was comprehensive and outlines a series of mitigations already being implemented by the municipality to address emergency services’ protocols/training, engineering and technical procedures related to water infrastructure, so that an incident of this nature can be avoided in the future.  Council acknowledged the due diligence that staff has demonstrated since last November when the incident occurred.

  • OCP Renewal Project Charter Approved

Despite some initial bumps in the road related to the nature, timing and extent of public consultation sessions, after lengthy debate and discussion, I voted with Council to approve the draft Project Charter for renewal of Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan.  The Project Charter is the contract agreement between the consultant and the Municipality related to how the project will be managed and rolled out.  This document is the culmination of months of hard work by the Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OPAC), comprised of citizen volunteers, Council members and staff.  The Project Charter was approved unanimously following a debate at the Council table that focused on public consultation as described by the consultant, Catherine Berris and Associates.

Ms. Berris has over 30 years of experience in working with communities across the province on strategic and community planning and has an impressive CV, with equally impressive references.  I am confident in her professional ability to conduct a community consultation process that fully involves Oak Bay residents in choosing our future through a renewed Official Community Plan.  I don’t have to tell you that this is a major project that will have major implications for Oak Bay 15 to 20 years out.  It is also a golden opportunity for residents and community leaders, partners, stakeholders, local organizations, business and others, to voice their priorities for shaping the future of Oak Bay.  I encourage everyone to get involved and participate in this significant undertaking.  The target for completion of a new OCP is June 2014.  I will keep you updated as the process unfolds and information will also be disseminated in a variety of formats.  Stay tuned…

  • Size Matters – Floor Area Review Committee Established

I voted with Council to approve the recommendations from Planning and Building Director Roy Thomassen, to establish a Floor Area Review Committee.  Mr. Thomassen recommended that the Committee consists of 3 citizen volunteers, 2 Council members and himself.  There will be an advertisement calling for applications so please watch the Municipal website for the announcement.  This Committee is established in response to community concerns about the bylaw regulating lot and building size.

  • Oak Bay’s Youth Exceptional Star (YES) Awards May 8, 2013

If you know a young person in grades 6 to 10 who is an exceptional person deserving of recognition, please contact Councillor Michelle Kirby at michelle@michellekirby.ca or visit the Municipal website for more information and application details/deadline about this year’s YES Awards.  The ceremony will take place on May 8, 2013.