Highlights of February 12th Council Meeting


  • Oak Bay as Host

It was announced that although Oak Bay will not be hosting next year’s Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities’ (AVICC) annual convention, we have been invited to submit a bid with neighbouring municipalities to host the Senior Summer Games in 2014.  The AVICC was hosted before in Oak Bay during the mid-2000’s.  There will be another opportunity I am sure.

  • Soft on Plastics

I voted with Council to approve a request by Pacific Mobile Depots LTD. to occupy a portion of Carnarvon Park to set up its Soft Plastics Recycling Depot for a half day between 9:00 and 11:30 a.m.  This is a popular program with the local community and one that I feel should always be supported.

  • Start Your Jags

I voted with Council to approve the annual Jaguar Car Show in Windsor Park on July 27, 2013.  This is a popular car show that brings people from all over the region to Oak Bay and provides revenue to the Jaguar Car Club and our local businesses with the influx of visitors.  Who can resist a Jaguar?

  • Get Pumped for St. Patrick at McNeill Bay

I voted with Council to approve a request by Engineering Services to upgrade the St. Patrick Storm Water Pump Station.  Improvements will ensure that 347 houses remain protected from flooding basements during a storm event.  The pump station and the Bay are designated as “high risk” and the upgrade has been on Oak Bay’s books for a number of years.  I asked questions related to ensuring ongoing beach access by residents and by those who may be physically challenged, given that the new pipe installation will be slightly higher than the existing outfall.  The consulting engineer assured us that residents would still be able to safely access and navigate the area.

  • Charged Up About Electric Vehicles

I voted with Council to approve Option A of an engineering staff report designating behind Municipal Hall the location of a dual charge station for electric vehicles in the staff parking lot.  Two of three existing 15 minute parking stalls will be converted to two 30 minute stalls for the charge station, without restricting parking to electric vehicles only.  The intention is to provide interim charging capability.  This is a first for Oak Bay and I hope it is the beginning of other installations throughout the municipality as grant funding allows.  Congrats to our engineering department and staff for bringing this concept to fruition.