Additional Events Planned for February and March 2013


I want to share with you some events that I will be attending on behalf of Oak Bay in the months of February and March:

  • Oak Bay Archives’ Services Review, February 12 – As Council Liaison to Oak Bay Archives, I will attend with staff and volunteers a special meeting to talk about a review of services report prepared by consultant Caroline Duncan and Associates.
  • A media launch at Doncaster Elementary School of the CRD’s “Every Drop Counts” campaign related to water conservation – February 14.
  • “A New Leaf – Turning to Our Region’s Future” – February 21 and 22 – Co-sponsored by the University of Victoria and the CRD, this two-day forum examines the changing demographics facing the region that will impact health care, housing, transportation, education, climate change and energy and the economy.
  • Emergency Communications and Site Operation Training – March 9 and 12 – Sponsored by Oak Bay Fire Department and Emergency Services – Will address some recommendations and corrective measures resulting from the municipality’s review of the Bowker Ave. flood last November.