Meeting Reminders for November




  • CRD Forum of Councils Workshop at Royal Roads

On Saturday, November 3, I will be attending a CRD workshop with Oak Bay Council and other regional colleagues titled “Regional Cooperation.”

Regional cooperation involves a variety of common interests such as transportation, infrastructure, water resources, housing, the environment and public health and safety.  Municipalities and regional districts already collaborate on a number of these priorities and enhancing cooperation between and among local governments can only further support the development, planning and delivery of these services and programs.

  • Speaking with Students

I have been invited to speak to post-secondary political science students at Camosun College on November 6.  I have been asked to share my experience as a Council member working in local government and in community development.  I used to work with post-secondary students as a university college student services manager and educational counsellor, some of the most meaningful work of my career, so I am really looking forward to this opportunity to spend some time with whom may be some of our future community leaders.

  • Reminder:  Next Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:30 PM, Council Chambers (Monday is the holiday).