Strong Turn-Out at Enbridge Protest

I was among at least 2,500 or more participants in the Protest against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline at Victoria’s Legislative Buildings.  While I was there, I ran into Oak Bay residents, personal friends and North Saanich residents.  Bracing against a chilly wind, dignitaries, notables and ordinary citizens, stood together and stood up, to defend our BC coastal communities and marine environments.  I was impressed with the number of young people who linked arms, held signs, sang and clapped, as speaker after speaker spoke against the pipeline.

I also saw some clever signs:

Stop Prime Minister Tarper

There Is No Planet B

What Happens in Alberta, Stays in Alberta

Spills Kill

My compliments to the local police forces as well.  They stood quietly and I noticed a respectful and peaceful atmosphere while I was there earlier in the day.