Request for Accurate Information-Sharing

Not long ago, the group known as Oak Bay Watch, a neighbourhood watchdog group, posted on their website some information related to a proposal and application to the municipality, to build a duplex on Cadboro Bay Road, near Willows School and the two village centres on Cadboro Bay and Estevan.

I posted on this blog my support in principle of this proposal, believing it to have a variety of positives for new housing options in Oak Bay.  As pointed out at the time when the proposal first came forward to Council, no duplex has been built here since 1966, although about 200 of them currently exist in the municipality.

Unfortunately, some of the information Oak Bay Watch provided for their readers was inaccurate, hence my reply with the following facts:

I read your latest newsletter with interest but want to correct some misinformation regarding duplexes. 

Council is NOT considering a fast-track of the current proposal for Cadboro Bay Rd. but instead following standard protocol.  I support moving forward in this manner.

In fact, there will be an additional review step by asking that the proposal is referred back to a Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting for further discussion and public input.

Staff have been directed to draft a bylaw SPECIFIC TO THIS SITE and not to be applied anywhere else or generally in Oak Bay.  Otherwise, it would be inconsistent with the existing OCP, which states clearly that duplexes should be considered on a “case by case” basis.

Finally, I am glad you are reading my blog, which is clear that I support this proposal in principle.  I do so because I believe it is consistent with housing types in the surrounding area (other duplexes, apartments, condominiums and clustered townhouses), is situated on a major transportation corridor, is near schools, parks and other amenities that are within walking distance (smaller carbon footprint), improves streetscape, is designed by local architect and Heritage Commission volunteer Carl Peterson and involves/will involve extensive ongoing neighbourhood consultation.

It would be appreciated if you could also make these facts known to ensure accuracy when sharing information with your readers.

Thanks and please feel free to contact me anytime.