Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to give thanks about — living here in this great and naturally beautiful community of Oak Bay is at the top of my list.  But I am also grateful for the support of family, friends, volunteers and colleagues who always seek opportunities to live and work together to make our community a kinder place for everyone.

I appreciate very much the many local residents and organizations who work tirelessly on our community’s behalf.  At this Thanksgiving weekend, I also want to extend my gratitude to all of you for taking an interest in your community, for being involved and for working together to continue to improve our local government.

We may not always get it right but, for me, the privilege to serve Oak Bay remains paramount.  Thank you again for putting your trust and confidence in my ability to continue working hard as an Oak Bay Municipal Councillor.

Hoping you can share the joy of this Thanksgiving with loved ones.