Just a quick update to my earlier post on the UBCM annual convention.  On reviewing this week’s Council package, many letters from Oak Bay residents were submitted, asking Oak Bay Council delegates to the convention (Council members who are attending), to support Resolution A-8, submitted to the Resolutions Committee by the Municipality of Saanich, as follows:

“Whereas a crude oil spill would have devastating and long lasting effects on British Columbia’s unique and diverse coast, which provides critical marine habitat and marine resources that sustain the social, cultural, environmental and economic health of coastal and First Nations communities;

And whereas citizens of British Columbia, particularly those living in coastal communities, and First Nations communities and environmental groups have expressed well-founded concerns over the expansion of oil pipelines and oil tankers;

Therefore be it resolved that UBCM oppose projects that would lead to the expansion of oil tanker traffic through BC’s coastal waters; 

And be it further resolved that UBCM urge the Premier of British Columbial, the Leader of the Official Opposition and members of the Legislative Assembly to use whatever legislative and administrative means that are available to stop the expansion of oil tanker traffic through BC’s coastal waters.”

I will be supporting Resolution A-8 on behalf of Oak Bay, as requested in an overwhelming public response.  This is a strong resolution that I believe merits the support of other local governments in our region.