Of Tough Decisions and Long Weekends

As you know, the Baptist Housing proposal for the re-development of Oak Bay Lodge was defeated in a vote of 4 to 2.  I voted to defeat the proposal and, following the long weekend, I will be sharing with you my remarks expressed at the time of my vote during the Council Meeting on June 27th. This was the most challenging and controversial decision that I have made in my nearly 7 years of local government experience.  

There were sleepless nights, much research, consultation with residents, colleagues and professionals, reading and receipt of scores of letters and e-mails from residents across the municipality, all of which helped to inform my decision.

I wish to thank all of you, on both sides of this issue, for your thoughtful input, time and willingness to contact me before this decision was reached.  I believe that I made the best decision possible under very difficult circumstances and I respect all of my Council colleagues for each of their decisions.  

I wish you a happy Canada Day Long Weekend.