Oak Bay Parks and Recreation Present Budget

Chaired by Councillor John Herbert (in the Mayor’s absence), a budget meeting this week with staff and members of the Oak Bay Parks and Recreation Commission, was a good opportunity for Council members to ask questions about this year’s budget.  Oak Bay Parks and Recreation comprise a major part of the municipal budget for Oak Bay and does a good job of keeping costs reasonable and optimizing revenues while providing valued programs and services.

I understand that the Oak Bay Rec Centre leads the region in efficiency and usage, offering the community a wide range of opportunities to participate in activities that focus on health and wellness.  From golf to yoga and everything in between, Oak Bay is fortunate to enjoy recreation at the Rec Centre, Henderson Park, Monterey Centre and off site activities at Willows and Carnarvon. Trying to meet the needs of child care, seniors’ activities, sports such as tennis and acquatics and other programming requires careful planning — our Rec Centre staff and volunteers are a model of success in the region and possibly throughout BC.

The meeting was informative, cordial and provided opportunities for questions and dialogue. Council agreed to forward the budget to Budget Estimates for decision and also made a resolution to introduce a new Youth Pass program of $175, beginning April 1, based on Commission recommendations.