No Council Meeting This Week

I have been asked by residents what the basic procedural differences are between a Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting and a regular Council meeting.  In my experience, Committee of the Whole differs as follows:

  1. Is chaired by designated Council members, not by the Mayor.
  2. Occurs every second week as a less formal procedure that includes a new seating arrangement where Council members sit together at a table on the floor of the Chamber.
  3. Encourages greater public participation in speaking to agenda items.
  4. Facilitates fuller and more open debate among Council members on specific agenda items.
  5. Provides opportunities for staff/public to share new information with Council and subsequently enables Council members time for “sober second thought” on agenda items before they are referred, for final approval, to a regular Council meeting.

If you have any other questions about Council procedure, please refer to the Municipal website or call Oak Bay Municipal administration at the main number, 250-598-3311.  Thank you.