Subject to Council adoption at the next regular Council meeting on January 9, committee frameworks and structure for the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review and Community Engagement Committees are in the pre-planning stages.  

The OCP Review Committee, chaired by Councillor Pam Copley, had its first preliminary meeting yesterday and the Community Engagement Committee, chaired by me, has its first meeting this coming Tuesday. Both Committees have been struck by the Mayor, have a three-month timeline to complete their work and will develop recommendations on process and priorities for reviewing our OCP and for the direction we take on Community Engagement.  

Volunteer members for both Committees have been selected by the Mayor in consultation with those Councillors also involved — Councillors Pam Copley and Tara Ney and myself on the OCP Committee and Councillor Kevin Murdoch and myself on the Community Engagement Committee.

Our community is fortunate to have local residents who provide a wealth of professional expertise in the areas of community planning.  I am impressed with the level of skill, experience and enthusiasm of local residents who have agreed to participate on these two Committees and I look forward to working with them and with our staff on these initiatives.