Candidates, Where Do You Stand?

There are a variety of local and regional survey questionnaires that candidates are asked to fill out as part of every municipal election cycle.  To date, I have completed the following:

  • Oak Bay Dog Policy Survey for Municipal Candidates
  • Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition Survey
  • Oak Bay News – Questionnaire for Council Candidates
  • Times-Colonist Election Candidate Survey
  • Victoria Chamber of Commerce Candidate Questionnaire
  • Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Candidate Questionnaire

While these survey questionnaires can be time consuming during a busy campaign, I believe that they are important to grass roots’ community democracy and help to inform us about where candidates stand on such issues.  Many of these community organizations also make a significant contribution to shaping local community policy relevant to their work.  

I appreciate the opportunity to participate and thank these organizations for the work they do and for their support for local elections, candidates and, most importantly, democracy.