Campaign Update – Miles to Go

It has been a very busy few days for me and I suspect for all Oak Bay candidates.  Between door-knocking, meeting you on main streets and attending a variety of events, the time flies by at breakneck speed and by sunset, sitting down to catch my breath is a treat.  

I am grateful to my Tiny Campaign Team, family and good friends, who are incredibly supportive and volunteering in so many ways to make campaigning a bit easier.  The Team also provides wonderful moral support and a real boost when energy is ebbing.  My sincerest thanks to all of them.

Highlights of my activities: 

  • The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce hosted a brief presentation for Oak Bay and Saanich municipal candidates on the Chamber’s four pillars of good governance.  CEO Bruce Carter delivered a slide presentation that outlines the Chamber’s philosophy and what it expects from local government.  You can find the material on the Chamber’s website at
  • Halloween saw very little sign vandalism and I was grateful to all of you who took the signs in that night.  I managed to visit the pumpkin display behind the Oak Bay Municipal Hall. This is a great event, although it was just me and the pumpkins as I visited during a quiet part of the day while on a break from mainstreeting on Oak Bay Ave.
  • My Team is helping me walk many neighbourhoods, dropping off my pamphlet and for those of you who are at home, encouraging you to contact me with any questions.
  • I completed my Shaw taping yesterday (a bit nerve-wracking) so please watch for my two-minute message that will be aired on Shaw Cable 11 beginning November 12 I understand. This is a great community service provided by Shaw and I’m told that taping will involve approximately 260 municipal candidates throughout the region.  

I had a pleasant surprise recently when I learned that Eco-News, a local environmental newsletter published monthly, endorsed my candidacy, presumably for my record on environmental protection and stewardship.  It’s wonderful to get an unsolicited endorsement from such a well recognized organization.

That’s all my news from the campaign trail.  Please don’t forget to attend the first of two All Candidates’ meetings this coming Friday night, starting at 7:00 PM at the Monterey Centre. These meetings are a great opportunity to hear candidates and to learn about their platforms.  See you there!