Back on Mainstreet

My friend and I spent the afternoon on Oak Bay Ave., taking advantage of the sunshine and the foot traffic.  Met and talked to many of you and I was glad to hear that you are receiving my brochure by mail.  My husband and I got nearly 5,000 brochures mailed earlier this week.  The paperwork to do the mailing is a killer and the cost equally so but mailing out the brochure is definitely one of the best ways to reach voters.  

We are down to the final 8 days of the campaign and it has been a long stretch.  I admit that I am tired but renewed energy comes from meeting and talking with each of you.  Just when I am flagging a bit, I encounter a resident who seems genuinely happy to stop for a moment and talk, smile and wish me luck.  I appreciate the support so much.  And my shoes are holding up!

On the sidewalk today, Oak Bay Lodge continues to be a topic of interest and I understand that Mayor and Council will be making a decision on Monday, November 14th about next steps for the proposal.  I encourage you to attend the meeting.

Tomorrow, November 11th, we will be attending the Cenotaph ceremony at Cattle Point. Remembrance Day is always important in our household and we always try to attend the cenotaph. I hope to see you there and if not, I know that Canadians all over the country will be remembering our veterans in their own ways, on the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour.