What Moves You?

Transportation is a major issue for most communities in the region and I understand that Oak Bay has identified particular concerns such as needed enhancements to cycling, pedestrian walkways/pathways and public transit.

The Capital Regional District (CRD) has just announced that it will conduct a transportation study that seeks input from households about residents’ daily travel patterns to inform future transportation planning.  You will be asked why and where you traveled and how you got there.  I also understand that this survey will be one of many initiatives that includes a traffic count and a cycling count held in 32 different locations.

Survey results will be available next year (summer 2012) and will reflect how regional travel is changing over time.  In 2006, at the time of the last survey, single passenger vehicle trips were growing at a faster rate than population growth.  Just ask those of us who have braved the Island Hwy. at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon heading north or Blanshard St. and the Pat Bay Hwy. at rush hour!

I believe that Oak Bay enjoys one of the most walking and cycling friendly landscapes in the region.  In fact, when we returned to live in Oak Bay last year, the first two items we purchased were a bicycle each and a sturdy pair of walking shoes.  We feel very lucky to live in a community where access to walking and cycling seems to be encouraged.

For more information about the CRD’s new study, please visit their website at www.crd.bc.ca/travelsurvey