The Answer Is No

As I am meeting and talking with residents, two questions have been asked of me:

  1. Are you running for the Green Party (my last name)? 
  2. Do you still live in North Saanich?

To clarify, I am not running for the Green Party.  My last name happens to be Green and my election signs emphasize my last name.  But my track record on environmental protection is “green” and I am proud of my work to protect and conserve natural habitats and green spaces.

I am an Oak Bay resident and we moved back to this community last year.  I am running in Oak Bay because I want to give back to this community and make a similar contribution to local government and to the future well-being of Oak Bay as I did when we lived in North Saanich.

I hope this clears up any confusion there may be among some Oak Bay residents about my last name and where we live.