Poetry in Motion

We walked and knocked today along the streets named for poets, a wonderful neighbourhood that sits between Elgin and Foul Bay Rd., north of Oak Bay Ave.  While many of you were not home, those who did answer the door were welcoming and took my brochure, which I appreciate.  We also popped in on Serious Coffee and Starbuck’s and visited homes along the north side of the Ave. on the way into the Village.

Residents expressed the following concerns:

  • inappropriate infill housing/development not in keeping with the neighbourhood;
  • unsupervised tree-cutting and damage to Oak Bay’s tree canopies;
  • upkeep of public boulevards; 
  • need for greater environmental protection; and, 
  • need for more and safer cycle lanes.

I am finding that Oak Bay residents are as passionate about protecting the natural assets of this community as many residents living in rural and agricultural communities.  As I have noted before, the similarities between Oak Bay and North Saanich are greater than are the differences.  I believe that no matter where people live, they often share common values about community health and safety, environmental stewardship and transportation planning.