Out and About

Met and talked with residents from North Oak Bay and here are the highlights of what concerns them about the future of Oak Bay and community priorities they feel need to be addressed by a new Mayor and Council:

  • Candidates who run for Council in Oak Bay should live in Oak Bay.
  • Need for better communication by Council with residents, including timely response to letters from the public and available contact information (email and phone number) for all Council members.
  • Homeowners who do not live on site who rent their entire homes to students without any apparent owner supervision or oversight of house and lot.
  • Heritage preservation and update of the Heritage Plan – follow up to Alison Habkirk’s work in 2009/2010.  What were the outcomes and what’s been done?
  • Relationship between Heritage Foundation and Heritage Committee – how do they work together?
  • Parking issues in Estevan Village – inadequate parking becoming problematic at peak hours.
  • U-Vic student parking spilling over onto North Oak Bay side streets – need for traffic management plan.

My thanks to residents who shared their concerns with me.