Full Steam Ahead

I was out meeting more residents today and also attended the Monterey Bazaar which I’m told celebrated its 30th year this year.  There were tables and tables of interesting items and many treasures that appealed.

I also met other residents on Oak Bay sidewalks and listened to them tell me about more of their concerns about community issues and their hopes for a new Mayor and Council.  I was also struck by how many positive people live in Oak Bay.  Again and again, residents tell me how lucky they feel to live here and I heartily agree — that’s why we came back.

I also had a young resident call me asking questions about the environment, small business and youth involvement in local government.  He offered to take a sign and canvas for me.  What a wonderful offer because young people are the future of our community and our country. Community engagement at eighteen is exactly what I want to encourage — I hope that all young Oak Bay residents of voting age will contact candidates, talk with them and attend the two All Candidates’ Meetings in early November (dates, times and locations on my Election Details page).

Issues mentioned to me today:

  • Need for proactive environmental protection of Oak Bay’s green and blue spaces, including parks (I have a strong record on environmental protection).
  • Need for a shared services model for regional police and fire (I agree provided community health and safety are in no way compromised).
  • Need to have greater oversight on the variance process, ensuring that random spot zoning is not a common practice (I agree and know that without an updated Official Community Plan, a policy review and re-examination of the zoning bylaw, Oak Bay can be vulnerable to this type of zoning issue).

Thanks again for talking openly with me about what concerns you and I look forward to continuing to meet and talk with more of you on a variety of topics during the coming weeks.