Campaign Taking Off

UPDATE – I have my pamphlet in final draft and ready for the printer tomorrow, campaign signs are ordered and my nomination papers are filed.  It has been a hectic schedule since last Friday when I announced my candidacy.  I am grateful to my wonderful friends and volunteers who have provided testimonials, signed nomination papers, agreed to be financial agent, scouted sign locations (in Oak Bay, the bylaw prohibits campaign signs on public property and where they might be a traffic hazard) offered to walk with me and sent messages of encouragement.  

My son Matt, an IT professional, did a super job of pamphlet design.  On both the pamphlet and signs, you will notice a black and white square that resembles a puzzle.  This is called a QR code so anyone with a smart phone can scan the square and it will take you directly to this website.  This was my son’s idea, someone who consistently drags me kicking and screaming into the 21st Century with the latest in electronic communication and social media techniques.  Thank goodness that I at least took Grade 12 Typing!

Campaigning in earnest will kick off once my pamphlet is printed (approx. 10 days from now) but in the meantime, I encourage you to visit this site for the latest information about my election campaign.  I will be reporting on what I hear at your doorsteps and at places where you gather.