Calling All Candidates

I am pleased to learn about an All Candidates’ Meeting, hosted by the Community Association of Oak Bay (CAOB), on November 4, 2011 (Friday evening) at the Monterey Recreation Centre.  This will be a great opportunity for candidates running in the Oak Bay municipal election to share with the community their ideas and priorities for our local government and to hear from residents what matters to them related to the future of Oak Bay.  

The Association has already identified some important issues, including cycle and pedestrian pathways and the need for other sustainable practices.  In my experience, residents’ associations can provide a vital link to community values, a guide to community development and a forum for public engagement.  

I am grateful to the CAOB for hosting this All Candidates’ Meeting and I look forward to participating with other candidates on November 4.  Please mark your calendars and in the meantime, for further details, I encourage you to visit the CAOB website at