At Your Door

Walking in North Oak Bay and enjoyed meeting you at your front door.  While this fall weather is perfect for walking and knocking, colder and wetter days are ahead which makes it more challenging to door-knock.  But my goal is to get to a number of homes in our five Oak Bay neighbourhoods. 

Summary of issues identified:

  • Pesticide use and what to do about public spaces (concerns about streets and sidewalks where cracks and crevices have grass and weeds).
  • Secondary suites (about half favour suites if parking is regulated off-street and other half say no to suites).
  • Communicating with Council members and attending Council meetings (atmosphere in Council chambers could be more welcoming so that more residents feel comfortable to attend and participate).
  • Upgrade the municipal website.
  • Provide to the public information and supporting materials with Council agendas so that residents know the background to agenda items and have a better understanding about Council debates.
  • Change is needed in Oak Bay (not specific).
  • Looking for candidates who are committed to public service and openness. 

Thanks to all of you who were willing to meet us at the door and talk openly about issues that matter to you.  Other residents were not home but we dropped my brochure in their mailboxes.

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call me with questions.