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Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Receivership

The news out of Oak Bay today, that our local gem, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel is now in receivership, is sad news indeed.  I love the hotel, the staff and all the wonderful events and activities that make it one of the community’s premier destinations.  Kevin and Shawna Walker and their management team have poured a lot of heart and soul into this hotel, a site that is iconic in Oak Bay and an award-winning hotel that is a…

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Revisiting Sewage Treatment – My Take

I wanted to re-post this article from last August 2014, given that sewage will top the CRD’s agenda as a new Board will be installed on December 10th.  I believe that proactive leadership will be critical on this significant issue, making the selection of a new CRD Board Chair key to cooperation and collaboration ahead.  Let’s hope that the new Board Chair is a community leader who has demonstrated openness and the ability to bring communities together, especially for Victoria,…

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It was an amazing race for the Mayor’s job and with a wonderful group of volunteers who pitched in willingly and did everything right, I was proud of our campaign.  We worked so hard to reach voters and present a different choice for leadership and a different voice of experience.  In the end, the voters chose the incumbent, preferring to go with what they know. I was aware of the risk going in, that to win would be the biggest…

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