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Bad Habits Good Leaders Should Avoid

The Pitfalls of Poor Leadership A lot is written about leadership these days, probably because our complex world requires skilled and strong leaders to find solutions that make a positive difference to the human condition.  Unfortunately, the flip side of good leadership is poor leadership, and recognizing some of the fundamental differences is essential if organizations and the people in them are to thrive and grow. We all know good and poor leadership when we see it and when we…

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C – Change

To change and shift an organization’s culture from “what was and is, to what can be,” may be one of the most challenging issues facing any new leader.  While new leadership can be exciting and promises positive opportunities, change can also be threatening.   Therefore, making change should always be approached as a process over time, and not as an abrupt event.  It’s unfortunate that many good leaders who could be great leaders, sometimes miss this important point.  Some leaders also…

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Making Room for Women – The OSLER Report

In a recently published report by OSLER, titled “Planning for 2015:  A 2014 Canadian Proxy Season Retrospective,” gender diversity on boards and in senior management is acknowledged as a long standing concern.  Among Canada’s 500 largest companies, the report indicates that board seats held by women sits at just 15.9%.  While there have been improvements to communication, recruitment and media interest in the subject, progress over time has been “slow.”  For example, in 2011, the percentage of women directors among…

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